Hello There and Welcome.

We hope you like what you find here – and I’m sure, we’ll get the hang of it as we go along. This show – Called “Rendezvous” came out of a series of conversations that we had about all our various adventures in Music, Theater, Movies, Television , World Travel and dealing with life on Life’s terms.

Redezvous Show

We both had an idea that we might have some conversations that other people would like to hear

So, we decided to get together – from 3,000 miles apart – via the wonderful internet – and start putting together our own show. This Podcast is it.
In this first episode – we talk about how we met, the day Oskar Met Led Zeplin and didn’t know it, Dropping by Bono’s House and how she accidentally ended up becoming the lead Singer of 10,000 Maniacs. Also – there is stuff about how to be so persistent that the lead singer of the band becomes your friend even if she doesn’t really want to – how to fake it till you make it – along with other assorted observations and nuggets of wit.

Hell, It’s probably just best if you tune in and listen for yourself.
So, check it out – Take a listen and let us know how you feel.

We had fun making it – Hope you enjoy listening! We’ll have more up here soon!


Oskar and Brian

Listen to or Download Episode 1 of The Rendezvous Show Right here.