Check Out the Latest Episode of The Rendezvous Show – With Brian Kalata and Oskar Saville
Rendezvous Show- Episode 25 Show Notes

The Price of stuff is crazy!

The Battle With Credit Card Companies

People used to leave their doors unlocked – The World is Changing –

Why Can’t you just leave the kids home alone?

Bring Ran Away From home when he was two years old.

Good parenting is hard today…

Can Oskar have fun?? Discuss among yourselves.

Rocking out to the 50’s Music – a simpler time… the new Podcast theme music

Oskar is NOT a Vegetarian.. But she does it for a week!!!

A museum of New York – And the origins of Hip Hop Music

Brian wants to Learn to Tango

Clearing the Apartment of evil Spirits in NYC with Sage…

Hydrating in NYC vs LA – guess who is better prepared??

Talking about – The new Freelance marketplace – a New way to make a living??

What are you going to do today for FUN??? – Go Get an Ice Cream Cone!!
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