The Rendezvous Show Episode 26 – Show Notes

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Back From A total Loss of his voice – Brian and Oskar get back to the podcast

A Year To Live –  Meditating and Preparing to die –  A Book Review and the Start of a New Meditation Practice this year

I just want to breathe!

Spiritual Awaking Moments

Guess who is do  a Half Ironman  race -?? Brian Signs up for the Ironman 70.3 in Santa Cruz California on September 13, 2015

 Everything is connected – its Psychic!!
 Do you have to be sick for people be nice to you?  Can you just DO the things you want to do ad live your life today?  Try it!
 How Single people and parents look at the Seasons differently.
 Strange People in New York… The Russians at the beach – Your not in Redondo anymore…
 Working on a Low Budget Bruce Willis Movie…
 Heading to an Amazon show –
 Brian Tries EVERYTHING to get well from Bronchitis and Discovers the Benefits of Essential Oils…
 New Lifestyle – Getting Healthy
 Vegan Restaurants and Meditation – You are not in Chicago Suburbs anymore , dude…
 L.A. Story –  the Movie–  Get your Head Clear with a Colonic..
 Rating Earthquakes in LaLa Land
 Is Donald Trump the Decoy Candidate in the election?? What’s Going on in the Presidential Election…

Oskar is Listening to Some Good Tapes to Create Abundance.

Healing the resistance that Your Spouse puts up with Healing energy work…When you don’t care what happens anymore, you get your power back… Change your beliefs

 The boss can smell your fear on you… Make them feel powerless in one easy step!
 Apple Pay on the iPhone rocks!  Much safer than the old Credit Card Scam
 Pinatas and little kids –  the joy of smashing stuff and over protective parents – Karma pokes out your eye…
 When did Reese’s Peanut butter cps go from the big hit Halloween candy to an agent of death ?  Why it sucks to be a kid today.  And How Oil will heal them
 Birthday Party rules for kids today
 You’re probably not gonna die from Step Throat… Relax moms
 Drug Companies are out to get us -or, Why You should relax and take less drugs.
 Chicken Pox is the New Bubonic Plague
 Brian Wants to Move to Hawaii… Looking on the Big Island!
 The Newest Land on earth – Lets make plans to go to Hawaii…!
 Oskar does’t Get Technology – Time to learn! 😉 We are in the 21st Century..
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