Welcome to The latest edition of the Rendezvous Show – Episode 27. Brian Kalata and Oskar Saville are back at it again this week .

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On this episode: We talk about success and living a life you want including:
Learning WordPress, Living your Dreams, Denial of Death , A Year To Live, Travel around the world. – I want to go to Thailand, planning on the show to set up actual Rendezvous around the world – what about setting priorities in life : to live the life you want instead of the life others want you to live. Stuff – do me need this much? – What is success? Is your pursuit of Success making you miserable. Rethink marriage and relationships : Design you own. – The News is nuts today – Marathons and Triathlons – all in fun – The oldest marathoner in the world – You’re never too old to start. Jimmy Carter — What did you do for fun this Week?

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