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Brian and Oskar are finally Back! – This is season 3 and it starts off with a 3-part episode. We started talking about creative process. 2018 started off in a very odd way , lots of things going on:

Brian got pneumonia and was wiped out in bed for 3 months!
Oskar going through her own set of changes in her day to day.
Brian changed up positions and took on a new role.
But through it all – we both were starting a new creative phase – trying new and old things to create anew. Listen to the show now – Or better yet subscribe through iTunes and never miss an episode.

Part 3 of the 3 Part Episode and Process Discussion Between Oskar and Brian – talking about how creating movies, music and new art and relationships is a lifelong learning skill .

Listen to Episode 34-and 35 to start the conversation at the beginning.


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